MobikCall provides a unique solution to call centers where effective service to customers calling the call centers starts immediately upon the call, and before a call is answered by an agent.

When a customer calls a call centers, during the time waiting for an agent to pick up the call, the customer already gets the relevant and personalized information on the smartphone. Thus, allowing the customer to instant communicate with the call center, have the relevant information available immediately online, and in most cases address the customer’s matter, without the need to talk with an agent.  All those in parallel with the phone call that is being answered on its regular course.


1. Provide the most relevant information to the customer according to the phone number dialed:

When a customer calls directly, or being redirected to the sales department, he gets the information related to sales: coupons, offer of the day, upsell and upgrade of service etc..  All offers may also be purchased online. When a customer calls directly the service department, he gets online answers to his matter and save time to himself and the agent.

2. Never lose a customer:

When a customer calls, an Instance Communication panel appears on top of the content page. Mobik Instance Communication panel enables the customer, by a simple button click, to send an instance message to the corporate CRM system, for an agent to return to the customer.  If the content displayed was not good enough for the customer, or customer had no patience to wait – Click a button makes sure the customer is not lost, not for sales and not for service.

3. Personalize customer information:

Mobik is a background service, usually hosted within the corporate app. So, the basic ID of the customer is already known, when the customer makes a phone call.

Mobik, once the customer is identified, connects to the corporate systems with a simple API to retrieve relevant personalized information of the customer, makes the relevant offers to the customer, according to customer’s profile, and allows the customer to purchase online, top up his prepaid account balance etc..

4. Mobik Smart IVR:

When a customer calls a call center central phone number, an IVR menu is displayed.  Instead of navigating to the right department or service by the traditional dial keys, the customer can now use a smart visual IVR to get to the relevant information while waiting for an agent to pick the call.

The page displayed upon the phone call includes list of categories personalized to the specific customer, depending on the customer’s order.

5. Mobik Smart Interaction:

With Mobik, during the phone call of the agent with the customer, the agent can push relevant information directly to the customer. The information can be a simple message, a web page, promos & coupons and call for actions. The information will be instantly displayed on the Mobik panel, replacing the current page previously displayed upon the call.

Push of a non-intrusive, relevant information, improves the service to the customer, reduces the time spent on explaining to customer, and makes the interaction between the customer and the agent much more effective.