Mobik Shopping


Mobile Shopping, i.e.  using your mobile device to actually shop and purchase goods is becoming the most popular way for online shopping for consumers.

Mobik shopping enables the SMBs with a simple, quick and affordable way to present a small mobile shopping site with a few items.  The items may be your current promo items, best selling items, coupons.  What is better than directing the consumers from your online campaign landing exactly at your mobile shopping page and buying instantly?

Mobik Commerce in Hebrew

Mobik Commerce in Hebrew


  • Mobile Shopping features all Mobik Sites features plus:
  • An easy upload of your variety of products onto your mobile shopping site.
  • Use of your products in an unlimited number of pages.
  • A one click  for your consumer to select your product and click 2 buy.
  • Shopping & products are integrated to a complete mobile site with all its features:
    • A user friendly and state of the art UX
    • Click 2 Call – An automatic dial button from every page
    • Advanced navigation buttons
    • A simple & easy to operate localized & rich content management system
    • Dynamic maps
    • QR Code linking to your mobile site  and pages
    • Click 2 Waze – A smart navigation button referring directly to smart phone’s local GPS App
    • Fully multi lingual
    • Branded by your own domain name
    • Rich Contact Us functions & means
    • Customized design & rich templates
    • Google Analytics & AdWords conversion integration