In a world where everything is done on a mobile, SMBs are given a simple and effective tool to present themselves to customers, in matter of seconds, with no tech skill needed. Mobik is both a pre, and post market solution – it doesn’t matter if the SMB has an existing website or needs a website from scratch. Mobik holistic solution makes sure that from now on the SMB is engaged to its customers.

With Mobik solutions, SMBs cab create and build their mobile site  and  advertise the site to their customers in less than 30 seconds.  Simply, setup your mobile site and promo, ads, coupon. Associate your phone number with your mobile site, and you are automatically present and advertised.



MobikSites is the platform component engaging with building, uploading and displaying rich content, in a simple, easy and intuitive approach.

MobikSites allows its users, whether business or individuals, to create and build their own web sites and pages in various  solutions, such as mobile optimized sites, landing pages, business cards,  and mobile commerce solution.

MobikSites is designed to enable the non-tech oriented person to simply and easily use a point and choose, drag and drop methods, and intuitively on top of the mobile site itself, build the content.

The content, once saved, is displayed immediately as the business website, and can be associated with the business domain name where needed.



MobikApp is the platform component engaging between the caller and the subscribed SMB. By calling the subscribed business, the content automatically presented on the caller’s screen upon dialing.

MobikApp is a mobile app downloaded to the user device.  It can be independently downloaded  to the device (from Google Play store), or can be hosted in any host application.

MobikApp  is packed as a lightweight library, that can be hosted in any hosting application.  Using a simple button icon with a provided code behind it, it is easily integrated.



MobikCall provides a unique solution for contact/call centers, as well as for SMEs, improving the enterprise’s customer experience and service, and accelerate sales by making the sales and service process more effective.

When a customer calls the enterprise call center, the relevant personalized content for the customer automatically appears on the customer’s handset, before the call has been answered by the enterprise agent.