State of the Art Mobile Platform

The user experience in Mobile differs from the experience in the traditional Internet web usage.

Consumers using Mobile devices seek more action & interactive experience, such as entertainment, shopping or social networking with others. In the traditional web, users and consumers seek more detailed information. Thus the experience delivered to a consumer via a smart phone, has to be made differently. i.e. Mobile Friendly.

Mobik is a Mobile CMS Platform, providing SMBs with a high quality system, allowing SMBs an easy & quick way to upload & build advanced mobile content & sites.

Mobik solutions varies from a one page Mobile Business card, or a Mobile Landing page, through a complete Mobile site and up to a complete Mobile Shopping & Commerce.

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Mobik BizCard (Linkey)


Your personalized smart business card that allows you to provide all your details and links, on a single spot, using an easy advanced control panel.

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Mobik Click


A landing page whther commercial or information page must be designed compelling and attractive, otherwise you lose the attention of the visitor.

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Mobik Sites


Is your website compatible for smart phone users? We offers you to join the most updated businesses around, and have your own mobile website up.

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