Mobile Push Conversions for Online Services

The new generation of adults is definitely a generation of mobile users. In fact, mobile devices are becoming more of a driving force behind online purchases than ever before. Recent studies have shown that m-commerce is moving from an influencer in a purchase decision to the final factor that leads to a conversion.

Search Advertising Share by Device: Q3 2014

Source: Marin Software.

What the Data Shows

According to a study from Marin Software, mobile devices are now working to push more conversions. In fact, tablets and smartphones currently accounting for approximately a third of all conversions through Google and Facebook. Some of the most interesting facts that emerged from this report included:

  • One of every three Facebook advertisement conversions was through a mobile device.
  • Quarter over quarter mobile ad conversions were increased by 16 percent.
  • Mobile devices were responsible for a total of 38 percent of total search clicks.
  • A total of 63 percent of all Facebook ad clicks were due to mobile ads.

While actually completing an online sale is still mainly an activity completed by consumers on a desktop or laptop, tablets and smartphones are quickly closing the gap. This mobile trend conversion is shown to be consistent across all channels with similar use increases recorded for display ads, social and search.

The Takeaway

The bottom line is that mobile devices are becoming increasingly important for online conversions. This means that businesses that have yet to implement a mobile friendly site are losing out to another business that likely has.