When Is the Right Time to Set Up Your Mobile Site?

The short answer is “Now!”

Recent studies have shown that Internet traffic on mobile devices may soon overtake traffic on desktops, possibly even this year. Everything indicates that the coming years will see more people visiting websites from their smartphones or tablets instead of their home or work-based PCs.

Matt Brittin

Matt Brittin, VP Google UK

The Time Has Come to Go Mobile

Matt Brittin of Google states that businesses need to adapt to the new means of shoppers instead of worrying whether the time is right. Everyone is on mobile devices today, and it may even be wise to launch a mobile site first if you’re not online yet.

Trying to deliver satisfaction on multiple platforms may slow companies down. If they start out just on mobile sites, they will find the sites more quickly scaled and they are faster to set up. Brittin advises new online companies to “get on with it” and make this the year that they win in the mobile marketplace.

The Challenge for Organizations

Larger companies have difficulty doing anything quickly, and designing websites is no exception to that rule. Before mobile was king, big companies encountered more people, but smaller companies move faster today, and so they meet mobile device users more quickly.

Big brands still resonate with consumers. Big companies can win if they deliver on mobile sites. Brittin spoke about online opportunities in the U.K. as well. He feels that the U.K. is the most creative global country in terms of gaming, editorial and music content. They have a huge opportunity before them.

Rather than standing on the platform of the Internet, looking down at what’s happening below, he feels that companies should stand on that platform and decide that there are new opportunities out there, and that they should jump into them.

That is the main challenge for companies in the U.K. and elsewhere. If people don’t act now to capitalize on the mobile market, then when will they do it?

Mobile Is the New Power Marketplace

Small businesses can’t ignore their mobile sites either. Mobile is taking over the online world, as tablets and smartphones are becoming a main access point for online buying. If your site is not optimized for a mobile device, you’re losing business.

If your desktop page does not fit mobile screens, customers will go somewhere else. If you have information that isn’t on the screen, then you’re losing people. Your company’s mobile site must give mobile users everything that they might need without having to scroll endlessly looking for what they want. This is most important for your call to action. If people can’t see that, they will leave your site having done nothing.

Even if your company does not have a large online presence, that can change if you launch a properly optimized mobile site. If people can find you from their tablets and smartphones, they may become new customers.