Mobile Push Conversions for Online Services

The new generation of adults is definitely a generation of mobile users. In fact, mobile devices are becoming more of a driving force behind online purchases than ever before. Recent studies have shown that m-commerce is moving from an influencer in a purchase decision to the final factor that leads to a conversion. Continue reading →

When Is the Right Time to Set Up Your Mobile Site?

The short answer is “Now!” Recent studies have shown that Internet traffic on mobile devices may soon overtake traffic on desktops, possibly even this year. Everything indicates that the coming years will see more people visiting websites from their smartphones or tablets instead of their home or work-based PCs. Continue reading →

Why Mobile Websites Are the Best Option for Performance

Today’s technology sphere has brought an experience that was only available on a desktop computer 10 years ago into the palm of the consumer’s hand. Instead of having to find a computer, sit down, login and perform a search, smart phone users can now do virtually anything on the go. With a high dependency on mobile devices, it becomes essential that the businesses of today have a dedicated mobile website. Continue reading →

If You’re Not on Mobile You’re Practically Invisible

Some experts in the technology sphere are referring to 2014 as the “year of the mobile.” For a business owner looking to get started or expand his/her offerings, it is essential to stay on top of new technology trends and ensure that communication with consumers can be left open. In order to stay on top of this technology curb, a mobile website could be the best move. Continue reading →