Mobik Sites

Mobik Sites varies from a one page Mobile Business card, or a Mobile Landing page, through a complete Mobile site and up to a complete Mobile Shopping & Commerce. Mobik solution products  differs in their features, appearance, scope of pages available and their offerings.

Mobik Main Advantages:

  • Mobik addresses the need for a true mobile presence. It loads faster, it addresses the concept of mobile and what consumers want when going mobile.
  • Mobik  is rich in its content – Mobik can embed any feature supported by HTML5 , including sliders, YouTube, galleries, events,  business card, product listing, shopping  etc..
    Mobik has a variety of designs, templates, themes and action buttons. And new ones are being added all the time.
  • Mobik is fully multi lingual, a content in any language can be put into a mobile site created by Mobik. Sites in English, Hebrew, Arabic, Russian and Deutsch, Chinese, Spanish, and Portuguese already exist.
    Mobik  management system currently available in Hebrew, English, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese and Deutsch, and very easy to provide in any other language should required.
  • Mobik is Simple –  We keep Mobik quick and simple to build.  Try our demo using the Login info below.  Mobik has been developed intentionally as an intuitive tool for those who are less technical but still wish to build their mobile site themselves.
  • Mobik is User Friendly –  At any page and any time you have the online Help, just by clicking on the Help button , and at any time you can see a preview of the mobile site on your right side of the screen what makes the building experience actually a drag & drop tool and very intuitive.
  • Mobik is a fully White Labeled product. Mobik is designed to be distributed by our partners. You, as our partner,  wrap Mobik management system with your appearance.  You create users or let your clients create theirs, and assign ordered, or built mobile sites to your clients.  You will also be able to grant a White Label access to your resellers/partners, so each of them can have White Label management for their clients
  • Full Support –  We provide full support to our partners.  It is not only being responsive to address out partner’s questions, it is also to help solving any issue and request raised by your clients, including getting into their site to help implementing features when required.  Our support works in native English, Deutsch  and Spanish.

In addition , we develop a vast knowledge base of guides and how to, to provide the easiest and simplest method for customers to build their mobile presence.