Mobik Sites


Are you friendly?  Mobile Friendly ?

The need to have your mobile presence and your site as a mobile friendly to your visitors, is a fact, no doubt.  It is not only about building a website as a mobile responsive, but creating your site as a mobile only, standing by itself.  When most of the traffic and visitors to your site come from mobile devices, why spend money on a non useful website?


Mobik sites features:

  • A user friendly and state of the art UX
  • Click 2 Call – An automatic dial button from every page
  • Advanced navigation buttons
  • A simple & easy to operate localized & rich content management system
  • Dynamic maps
  • QR Code linking to your mobile site  and pages
  • Click 2 Waze – A smart navigation button referring directly to smart phone’s local GPS App
  • Fully multi lingual
  • Branded by your own domain name
  • Rich Contact Us functions & means
  • Customized design & rich templates
  • Google Analytics & AdWords conversion integration