Partner with us to deliver a true Mobile presence to your customers and to their customers too.

Enrich your portfolio of services by adding Mobik to your business.

Mobik is designed and built to be distributed by a reseller channel. Mobik comes with a set of tools and features to support its resellers:

Mobik is a complete white label system. –  Your customers see you, not us when building & managing their Mobik mobile content such as a site or shopping etc..  Mobik enables you as a reseller to upload your own logo and brand to the management zone, and to create and manage your users.

Mobik is a full multi-lingual system, where content can be created and delivered in any language.  Moreover, Mobik management system is available currently in English, Deutsch, Hebrew, Arabic, Spanish and Portuguese. It is also very easily adjusted to any other language.

Mobik bundles with any other completing solution to create a perfect package.  You can bundle Mobik with any other product or service you provide to your customers, as a completing product or as an add on. Using the string API of Mobik, you can remotely, from your system create an order for Mobik and create/manage a new user within Mobik.

Support is guaranteed, by email, phone, or online.


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