MobikApp – Rich Adverstisement

Mobik gets everyone to know you immediately. Once you have set your mobile optimized site, it is already been advertised. With  MobikApp, while anyone clicks Dial to call you, and waiting for an answer, your content is immediately presented on the caller’s handset.

You, as an SMB, can offer special promotions, ads, coupons, or directly its mobile site, or direct the caller to an online purchase. When caller rings the business, upon the call initiation, the caller is presented with the content chosen by the SMB

The caller can now, during the time waiting for the call to be answered, view the SMB  mobile site, download a coupon, or order online, instead of waiting for an answer.

Moreover, the caller is presented immediately with options to communicate with the SMB  he called:  Ask the SMB  to call him back, leave a message, switch to a chat or any other communication chosen by the SMB. Thus not wasting time waiting for an answer.

The SMB  gets a notification of any action made by the caller, even if the caller decided to hang up the call, without any action.  Thus the SMB  does not lose any customer, existing or potential.


MobikApp – Cross Advertisement

MobikApp offers the “Contextual Advertisement”, which allows the SMBs to advertise its offerings not only when a caller rings them, but also when a caller rings related businesses which are complementary in nature.

So, as an SMB, your promos, ads and coupons appear also on other handset while calling any other related business, based on the related context, and location of your business, with any other business.

For example, if someone calls the Mega Shoe store, located in a shopping mall , and Tom’s pizza place is just a few steps next to Mega Shoes, Tom Pizza’s coupon will appear on top of the mobile site of Mega Shoe store, presented to the caller. If someone calls the spa for any inquiry or order, they may be presented also with a special offering of cosmetic products related to the spa.