Mobik is a division within Galcomm Group  –  Your Online Presence (http://www.galcomm.com).  Mobik – Your Mobile Presence includes all mobile solution activities offered to SMBs.

Mobik CMS is also the brand name for the content management system which comprises a set of tools, products & services providing a SMB its Mobile Presence.

Our Mission

Mobik is committed to providing a mobile presence to all small businesses and professionals, who wish to have their footprint on the web. Mobik focuses mainly (but not only), in the markets where mobile usage is significantly higher than web usage.

Our Vision

Mobik is not another website builder. Mobik provides its various solutions to a cross platform from mobile devices to tablets, and focused on the state of the art user experience on those devices.

We believe in “Mobile First”, and Mobile Only, in some markets. We bring the Mobile Presence as a quicker, easier, and cheaper solution to all small & medium businesses. Factors that are essential for SMBs. In most online campaigns we will find traffic coming from mobile significantly higher than from the web (e.g  social network campaigns etc..)

Join us for your mobile success.